Saturday, October 29, 2005

John Combest Sponsored Link - 687 Miles from Reality

As I've acknowledged long ago, John Combest's website is a daily must-visit for every junky of Missouri politics - he compiles all the political headlines around the state.

I noticed recently that he has a new "sponsored link" - I luv the gov t-shirts. Wondering who in Missouri would be produce such an item - after all, the only people I can think of with reason to "luv" our hilariously unpopular "gov" (33% approval rating - 47th out of 50) are insurance company lobbyists and political cronies making millions off our license renewals - I went ahead and clicked on the link. It turns out that the t-shirts come from Georgia, where the governor has a 57% approval rating.

I hope John isn't charging much for that link . . .


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