Thursday, September 29, 2005

Civic Lesson Update - Shut Up and Give Money

After writing a note to Bond, Talent and Cleaver, I received a nice response from Emanuel Cleaver and reluctantly concluded that my two Republican Senators were going to ignore a polite and earnest inquiry from a constituent. I joked that they may have paid more attention if I were rich.

My joke was prescient! Guess what? I finally heard from Bond!

The only problem is that he was writing not to respond to my inquiry, but to deliver this message: "Please make a secure online donation today to Jim's campaign of 25, 50, 75 or even a hundred dollars. Please consider donating before the September 30th financial filing deadline."

This is just so freaking weird I don't even understand. Is "Jim" (I'm glad Bond didn't call his nerdy little buddy "JT") too bashful to ask me for money himself? Did somebody in the Republican Party realize that Talent is so unlikeable and repugnant that even Kit Bond stands a better chance of talking me out of a check? Is Talent so incompetent that Bond needs to do his fundraising?

I truly am surprised at the incompetence of my Republican Senators. Ignoring an inquiry from a constituent is inexcusable - even the most junior legislator understands that you always respond to your constituents. It makes me wonder if the Republican human resources team has managed to put a Mike Brown in every office.


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