Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Celebrating the Deaths?

On a lawyer listserve last night, one of the most consistently dishonest members parroted the right-wing talking point that liberals are "celebrating" the 2000th American soldier's death in Iraq. This despicable little lie is popular among those who allow Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin to do their creative thinking. Elsewhere, I have fought this nonsense, and wound up having the proponent of this immoral idiocy acknowledge that this is only true if you equate "protesting deaths" with "celebrating" them at "parties". The moral and intellectual vacancy underlying this lie is breathtaking.

I won't use the lawyer's name, but, if you ever need to hire a lawyer in Columbia, I know many others who are good and honest, so, please, contact me. He spread the lie that liberals are "celebrating" this sad milestone, and claimed that I am among those doing so. My response was quick and profane (but soon followed by an apology - no sense in sinking to their level). If you honestly believe that those of us who oppose the war are happy when people die as a result of that war, you sincerely need mental help.

Update: It turns out that what really offends these people is that what the anti-war people is doing is "using the deaths for political advantage". Sounds pretty despicable, doesn't it? By the same logic, I assume that they will soon be chiding their anti-choice friends for mentioning fetuses. I suppose we will next be seeing them attacking anti-death-penalty activists for mentioning the death penalty.

The pro-war people would have us ignore the deaths for their political purposes. But that's asking a little too much, IMHO.


Blogger Brian Stayton said...

The morons also need to recoginze that "Supporting our Troops" doesn't mean holding blind allegiance to the really treasonous decision to send them to Iraq. I support the individuals and the Armed Forces in general; I cannot be more upset that Dubya has called them into an unneeded war of choice.

10/26/2005 10:38 AM  
Blogger emawkc said...

Of course, you only hurt your cause when you use invective such as "treasonous" "morons" "immoral idiocy" etc.

10/26/2005 11:45 AM  
Blogger antimedia said...

Dan, I don't believe you celebrate their deaths. I most certainly do believe others do (as you know all too well.) There's no question in my mind that there are elements of the far left who take pleasure in the deaths of American military. They have said so. To ignore that element or deny it exists doesn't make it go away.

10/26/2005 1:06 PM  
Blogger les said...

Got a cite, antimedia, or just your belief? Are "elements" individuals or policy leaders? Anyone of the stature of, I don't know, the odious and despicable Ann Coulter? Or is it a blogger or two, sitting in the corner talking to themselves? What's the source of your right to tar "the left" with this drivel?

10/26/2005 5:08 PM  
Blogger reverse_vampyr said...

Everybody on both sides of the war effort know each other's positions. I think what left a bad taste in people's mouths was this week's anticipation of the 2,000th death. It felt too much like a New Year's Eve countdown.

10/27/2005 12:05 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Didn't feel like a New Year's countdown to me - it felt like the sadly inevitable result of the policies supported by many Republicans.

10/27/2005 1:15 PM  
Blogger reverse_vampyr said...

There has been a media "buildup" of this story about the 2000th death for well over a week. That's the countdown I'm talking about. It'd be one thing to simply have reported it the day it happened. Another entirely to milk it for days on end, up until it actually occurs.

"...the sadly inevitable result of the policies supported by many Republicans."


Going to war in Iraq was supported by both politcal parties before the actual hard work and bloodshed had begun. I think it's a bit dishonest of many Democrats to try to score points by distancing themselves from what they were in favor of, just because the task is difficult and there is an unpopular human cost involved.

10/28/2005 12:29 PM  
Blogger antimedia said...

les, sorry I didn't answer you sooner. I've been very busy.

You can go to just about an of the indymedia sites and see pictures of the celebrations. You can see pictures of people holding up signs encouraging troops to kill their officers. You can see signs encouraging the assassination of the President.

They're there, if you are willing to open your eyes and admit the truth.

You asked, "anyone of the stature of" Ann Coulter? Al Franken comes to mind immediately, but so does Dick Durbin, who insulted our troops on the floor of the Senate, never apologized for it and wasn't censured by own his party.

As far as Ann Coulter goes - don't read her, don't think I've ever quoted anything of hers, was thoroughly disgusted by what she said about Miers (which I read about at other blogs.)

I also can't stand Bill O'Reilly. So don't put me in a box. I won't fit real well. I've voted for Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and independents. Voted for Perot because I was thoroughly disgusted with both parties at the time.

I'd be willing to make a trade. I'll stop pointing out the despicable behavior of the far left if you guys will finally admit that Joe Wilson lied, his wife wasn't covert and the entire Plame affair was a CIA attempt to damage the President (all of which is true and provable.)

And no, I'm not defending Libby. If he lied to the Grand Jury and he's found guilty of that, he should go to jail.

10/30/2005 12:15 PM  
Blogger les said...

antimedia--cite? I trust you're not trotting out Fred Phelps on this one.

10/31/2005 12:02 PM  

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