Friday, September 03, 2004

Republican Career Ruined

Tom Tomorrow has a shocking clip of a young male Republican viciously kicking a young female AIDS protester as she lies helpless on the floor of the convention. So far, it looks like we have a rising young star in the mold of Dick Cheney, but, unfortunately, when confronted by a reporter, he just denied doing it and then stared blankly when told they had it on tape. If he had the right stuff to be one of the greats, he surely could have improvised a way of blaming the Democrats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this different in some way than the Democrat protesting in NYC outside the Republican Convention who cold-cocked a Bush supporter in the face on national TV? Or are you just mentioning the incident because this type of behavior in general is unacceptable?

I only bring up the other situation to make a point - and the point is not to excuse the abhorrent behavior of the young Republican. There is no excuse for that. I listened to about a week of talk radio babbling about the Democrat who punched the Republican. There was a lot of wasted radio time talking about a Democrat who probably doesn't even know what his party stands for. Now I'll get to listen to a week of discussion about the Republican who kicked the Democrat. Let's not draw conclusions from the misbehavior of a few idiots.

Start a thread about some of the real difference between Bush and Kerry and that will be a worthwhile effort. I'm not talking about their Vietnam experiences or lack thereof either. What does Kerry really want to do about Iraq and why? Why does his economic plan make more (or less) sense? What do you see Kerry doing in the Middle East? Specifically, how does he plan on improving the lives of ordinary citizens? How does these plans compare to Bush's plans?

You do quite a bit of the more in depth discussion on this blog and I'd love to see you do more of that and less of this. When we waste our time on scoring points instead of talking about issues, we do ourselves a real disservice. Even in professional circles, most of the Bush/Kerry discussion centers on real deep comments like, "I'm just a lot more comfortable with how (Bush,Kerry) will handle _________ situation." I'm tired of the mainstream media and others turning this into a glorified Miss America pageant or a popularity contest. If this was a beauty contest, we could certainly do better than these guys. With the exception of Edwards, I'm not sure I'd want to have any of the other guys over to my house for a beer and some barbecue.

9/05/2004 10:44 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Wow - great comments, Anonymous. I hadn't seen the clop of the democrat punching out the republican, but I agree that my post was largely a pointless cheapshot. That's fun sometimes, but it's a guilty pleasure, and something more substantive after a week of the RNC is certainly more appropriate.

9/06/2004 5:32 AM  

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