Monday, August 30, 2004

Report on New York Protests

It's frightening to send your child to NYC, especially when you know the city is crawling with Republicans. Sam has a good head on his shoulders, though, and, I am sure, will avoid the temptation to associate with people he knows have bad values.

That said, here's his view of some protests he saw yesterday: "the protest was interesting. you would not believe the noise that a few hundred thousand people on a manhattan street can make when they put their minds to it. my favorites would have to be the communists (who all wore castro/mao suits - not really a good publicity move?), who chanted 'fuck bush! fuck kerry! revolution is necessary!' and carried signs that read 'fight weak liberalism with strong communism'." Sounds fun . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious comment! :)

I doubt I'd be a republican if I lived in the US, but from what I've read, not all republicans are the same. You probably know better, but it seems their views span quite a broad spectra?



9/02/2004 12:48 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Flip - yes, of course, Republicans do cover a broad range of beliefs. In fact, if you watched the Austrian Schwarzeneger on TV the other night, you are a Republican even if you disagree entirely with their platform! All that is required is that you not be a victim of Bush's failed economic policies, in which case you are an "economic girlie man".

9/02/2004 6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw him on the Swedish news. I even commented on it on my site, as a matter of fact :) My better half used to read "The new republican" a while ago, and sometimes I could agree completely with a writer while other times I would have believed anyone who said the Republicans are from another planet. I'm just amazed it still is one party and not more.



9/02/2004 2:41 PM  

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