Monday, August 30, 2004

Doth He Protest Too Much?

Pat Robertson's Congressman, one of the sponsors of the Federal Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment, has resigned over unspecified allegations. This comes after a blogger has published allegations that Congressman Schrock has cruised for gay lovers.

While I have a twinge of compassion for the guy (can you imagine the self-loathing and guilt of living a life so totally divorced from your public image), I also admit to a healthy dose of enjoyment at the irony and the evidence that some of the most vocal anti-gay activists have more issues than meet the eye.

It's similar to that other Republican hypocrite, Rush Limbaugh, ranting about sending non-violent drug-dealers to jail while whacked out of his mind on oxycontin.

It looks like the Republicans are going to fit right into New York City.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But that's as common place as anything. They've even done studies that indicate that homophobia is most prominent in those with some degerre of same-sex desire (even when they themselves are not aware of it). But even outside of sexuality it's a normal (although perhaps not healthy) defense mechanism against aspects of ourselves that we are for whatever reason unhappy with. Freud called it projection.


8/30/2004 10:58 PM  

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