Friday, November 02, 2007

A Note About the Author

In the past week or so, a joke website and a political website, as well as some commenters here and elsewhere have drawn some flawed conclusions about who I represent when I write this blog. I really can't blame people for wanting to imagine that my writing represents some broader process that originates in the Mayor's office, or at a candidate's strategy session, or anywhere more interesting than the easy chair in my living room, but, alas, the truth is far more boring than the fiction.

If I decide to write a piece responding to a question posed by Steve Kraske, it's not some coded message from anyone else. If I criticize Chris Koster, it's not because another candidate has told me to.

I don't get paid to do this blog, and no politician has ever told me what to write, or even asked me to write something. I have NEVER "cleared" anything I have written with a politician.

Attempts to burden any politician, local, state or federal, with my opinions are a foolish misunderstanding of the way things work.



Anonymous Paco said...

What if a microbrewery with decent beer asked you to write a favorable opinion in exchange for a 5-year supply of their beer?

11/02/2007 8:47 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

I'd sell out in a heartbeat.

Speaking of beer, it's about time for a visit to the club, don't you think?

11/02/2007 9:05 AM  
Blogger whistleblower said...

As long as it was a decent beer; he'd probably do it for a one year supply.

That said; Dan is no political mouthpiece. While I disagree with him on many subjects, his opinions are his opinions.

Maybe Dan offers support for Funkhouser because he does have the opportunity to meet with him face-to-face. It's much easier to judge a man's true intent when you hear his voice and watch his body language.

I trust Dan's commentary on the Mayor much more than I do the stories released by the press.

11/02/2007 9:10 AM  
Blogger emawkc said...

"I don't get paid to do this blog, and no politician has ever told me what to write, or even asked me to write something."

Hmmm... That's just what someone would say if they wanted us to believe they were NOT beholden to some nefarious back-room political cabal.

Veeeery suspicious.

11/02/2007 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Brooksider said...

And have you noticed that you never see Dan and Laura Bush in the same room at the same time…coincidence? Or something more sinister?

11/02/2007 12:14 PM  
Anonymous brooksider said...

Not that I know what Dan looks like, but if I DID know what Dan looks like...

11/02/2007 12:17 PM  
Blogger Stephen Bough said...

You are too uncontrollable to be trusted by a politician. You admit when Funk steps too far out of bounds. You are critical and call them as you see them (even if you are blind). You keep writing what you think; folks will continue to smack you around. When the critics start signing their names, then we can have an honest dialogue.

11/02/2007 1:47 PM  
Anonymous mainstream said...

That’s a bunch of hogwash, Bough. And I hope you know it.

I want you to give me the number of real first and last name commenters on CCP Blogorooski and

Go ahead. I dare you. Then I dare you to give me the number of anonymous commenters. Let’s look at the facts, and the ratios.

On I count you and Dan, although Dan really would prefer to keep his anonymity. Oh, and Dale Youngs. We won’t be seeing him back anytime soon, either, since he had a good experience blogging under his real name. (not)

On CCP Blogorooski there are so few comments it may not be fair, but it’s you and Carderella.

So, 99.999999999% of commenters on CCP Blogorooski and are ANONYMOUS. Given your comment above, what does that say about these two blogs??

Why don’t you simply come out and tell us all the truth – you just don’t take criticism well.

Let me remind you of McIntyre vs. Ohio Board of Elections and a few other cases. I won’t bore everybody else again with that cool quote I’ve been sprinkling around the blogosphere lately.

You should pay attention more, Bub.

Let me say it another way so I can be sure you comprehend the point: you and CCP Blogorooski and Dan at would not have viable blogs without anon commenters.

So, again, Stephen, I ask you, what does your statement above say about the credibility of these blogs?

(your comment above says to me "open mouth, insert foot.")

11/02/2007 2:34 PM  
Anonymous Emily Lattella said...

I agree, Dan has never cleared anything with a politician -- now just stop asking questions before anyone brings up clearing things with Gloria and/or Diana - but in both cases they make the decisions anyway.


11/04/2007 7:55 AM  
Anonymous Jack OConner said...

Hog Wash Dan. You can't complain about people accusing you of being a sell out and unofficial spokesman for politicians when you became a consultant for them without informing your readers until after you were sold out by said politicians wife. Emily makes a great point.

11/06/2007 1:14 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Jack, you are almost as ignorant as you are opinionated. Emily was joking.

How, exactly, did I become a "consultant"? How, exactly, have I "sold out" anything?

I am invited to go to occasional meetings, with a variety of people expressing a broad range of opinions. Is there something wrong with that? Do I need to clear with you what meetings I go to now?

I also talk to other politicians on occasion. Is that okay with you?

11/06/2007 1:40 PM  

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