Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Off the Gubernatorial Fence!

I've been having a bit of a struggle deciding whom to back in the Missouri Governor's race. The two Democrats running are incumbent Bob Holden and Claire McCaskill, a former prosecutor from Kansas City. Holden is a good, decent man, but doesn't have much star appeal. McCaskill is a rising star, with lots of charisma and poise. Their Republican opponent, Matt Blunt, is an odious piece of right-wing zealot shit (and I'm being gentle) who is living off his father's name recognition, and will, much to Missouri's shame, provide a tough challenge.

Until today, I was leaning toward McCaskill - she has a little more ability to inspire, and she hasn't been worn down by dealing with the pin-heads in the legislature. I'd rather have either one of them than Blunt, and McCaskill seemed a little more electable.

Today, though, the following information came to me in a reliable email:

For those who don’t know about Claire McCaskill and tort reform, I refer you to the following verbatim statements made before the Springfield Chamber of Commerce in May 2004;

“…Judges who have been appointed in St. Louis City have this pact that they never sustain a venue motion. …”

“... As a member of the legislature I voted in favor of tort reform…”

“… I have a record of voting in favor of tort reform, back in ’86 when I served on both the civil and criminal justice committee and on the judiciary committee. …”

“Q: Yes or no; would you sign House Bill 1304?

A: In its current condition, or in the way it came out of the House?

Q: Current condition.

A: Current condition, I probably would.”

Ms. McCaskill has sold her soul to the insurance industry. Bob Holden has shown his ability to stand up to the Republican legislature and to the insurance industry. Missourians need leadership with integrity, even if it doesn't come wrapped in a spiffy package. Holden deserves our thanks, and we deserve four more years of his public service. Please support Bob Holden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan - you hit the nail on the head. I was underwhelmed by Holden when he was initially elected. I was disappointed in his overblown inaugural gala. But some people grow into their jobs (or those they serve learn to appreciate their finer points).

Much to my surprise, Holden has big cajones. He stood up to the insurance interests. He told the truth to the doctors. He played chicken with the legislature and won.

If I lived in Missouri, I'd vote for the man. Inspiring and electric? No. A man who is willing to take the heat to do the right thing? Absolutely. I disagree with the man on a number of issues, but I'll go with a man or woman of character any day.


6/22/2004 9:59 PM  
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