Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Greeted by Rose Petals

Part of the whole reasoning behind Bush's attack of Iraq was that there would be no "occupation", and that the Iraqis would welcome us as liberators. Of course, there would be a few splinter groups that wanted us out, but we were bringing freedom to the tyrannized.

Our own numbers show "that most say they would feel safer if Coalition forces left immediately, without even waiting for elections scheduled for next year. An overwhelming majority, about 80 percent, also say they have 'no confidence' in either the U.S. civilian authorities or coalition forces." Drilling down into the numbers only makes it worse. 54% believe that all Americans behave like the Abu Ghraib torturers. 55% would feel safer if coalition forces departed "right away".

(Of course, we will not leave right away. Establishing democracy is too important a business to be distracted by what the voters want.)

People, this is awful. If you are a Bush supporter because you think your $300 tax credit was cool, or because you think he would be more fun to drink a beer with, or because you think it's cute the way he mispronounces "nuclear", now's the time to grow up and stop that nonsense. It's just not funny anymore.


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