Thursday, June 10, 2004

Tortured Legal Analysis

For the best analysis of the Bush Torture Memos, go to the Whiskey Bar, and pay special attention to this entry.

I don't know how anybody can even think of supporting this administration any more. The implications of what has gone on are as frightening as can be. If a movie were made in which these things were going on, it would be dismissed as implausible. The President, who claims that he hears God talking to him, is being told that NO LAWS APPLY to him - international or domestic.

Think about this. If there were a terrorist attack in October, would Bush call off the election?

I know this sounds like tin-foil hat conspiracy nonsense, but a month ago I would have thought that anyone accusing the US of systematically torturing prisoners of war, and claiming that the conduct was supported by the White House, was doing the same thing.

This administration has shown itself fully capable of "thinking outside the box" of traditional constitutional law, civil rights concepts, international law, and even truth.


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