Saturday, June 26, 2004

Duane Benton to the 8th Circuit

Judge Duane Benton of the Missouri Supreme Court was named to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit on Thursday. Here's an article about his appointment. Here's his official resume. Here's a more thorough biography, courtesy of the Missouri Bar

By all appearances, I should be appalled. The man was appointed to the Bench by one of my least favorite people - John Ashcroft. He is former counsel to the Missouri Baptist Convention - not a group with which I share much politically or theologically.

But I'm not appalled - I'm delighted. I've had the pleaure of knowing Judge Benton for several years, and he is a thoughtful, intelligent, kind, friendly, balanced, and fair judge. I love pointing out the many mistakes of the Bush administration - but this is not one of them. Judge Benton will be a great addition to the federal judiciary. Thank you, Bush administration - you got one right.


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