Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blogger Insider Tension

We bloggers are kind of like normal people, only with computers and an incredible amount of time to waste. Just like normal people, we develop rivalries and get into spats over all kinds of silly stuff. The more experienced bloggers realize that readers secretly love fights and rivalries between bloggers, so the phrase "Blogger beef builds traffic" helps us see the silver lining to almost any storm of anger.

It's no secret that Tony's Kansas City and Gone Mild have had a few disagreements. In a nutshell, he resents my greater traffic, smarter commenters, and ability to turn a phrase, while I envy his stock of photographs, anonymous tipsters, and relationship with Darla Jaye.

But despite our online differences, Tony and I have avoided elevating things into the real world. There was one shoving incident, but, really, it was a misunderstanding about a breakfast buffet, and I'll admit I was in the wrong. Had I known another platter was on the way, I would have backed off and let Tony have as much sausage as he felt he needed. Rumors that we got up in each others' faces in a parking garage are exaggerated.

I'm afraid, however, that the cozy world of bloggers is about to get a little more personal, with the appearance of an upstart blog out to build traffic and gain notoriety without going through the years of experimentation and gathering of loyal readership. The new kid on the block doesn't respect the importance of keeping things unreal, and has already taken things to a new extreme - breaking and entering Tony's Mom's basement.

I hope the new blog quickly calms down and starts respecting the difference between online battles and real-world criminal behavior.



Anonymous inafunkaboutthefunk said...

Are you worried about Tony, For Tony? Or are you worried about the new blog? Personally, I think your biggest worry should be what people think of you for your pathetic defense of the antics of Mark and Gloria... yes, the Gruesome Twosome.

Certainly they are thir own worst enemies. And to the extent you support or try to defend them, you attach yourself to the anchor that is their lives... sinking at a
modest pace to the bottom of the sea.

11/27/2008 2:52 PM  
Blogger Throws Shoe at TV said...

As long as we're airing grievances -- "inafunkaboutthefunk" has got to be one of the more irritating names on the internet. Second only to "Mayor Smartwithnothinghouser." However, between your evident enjoyment of your own nicknaming abilities and the sheer unwieldiness of the words these inane names are a good preview of your normal content.

And you're not even logged into an account, which means every time you post you have to type "inafunkabouttheincreasedcostofcornonthecob" into the computer. You're committed, I'll give you that.

Now that I have that off my chest, Happy Thanksgiving.

11/27/2008 3:04 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Thrower - the commentator you refer to is easily ignored.

11/27/2008 4:18 PM  
Anonymous inafunkaboutthefunk said...

For a blogger who got only two people posting a reply, I wouldn't exactly be throwing any stones Dan. And, yes, TSATV, I am committed to challenging as many of the bloggers who post things about the Funkhouser's that are either not true, unrealistic or inconsistent with the way a "regular" Orange Revolution devotee would look at things.

Maybe this is why Dan lowered himself to smear someone like me who can be so easily ignored. Who knows?

11/27/2008 6:29 PM  
Anonymous Jerry said...

"As long as we're airing grievances".

Did I almost miss Festivus?

I really look forward to the "Airing of Grievances". However, if we don't get to follow it with "Feats of Strength"; what good is it?

11/27/2008 9:38 PM  
Anonymous Kingsfield said...

Funky - I bet the reason Dan is ignoring you (besides the fact you're boring) is that you have a flair for missing the point. I don't think this post was about Dan worrying about anything. Least that's not the way I read it.

11/28/2008 12:06 AM  
Anonymous inafunkaaboutthefunk said...

I must have hit some nerve King. I don't post much here because until recently I could always count on Bill Drummond to take up the cause of the Gruesome Twosome no matter how awful they acted. Drummond for the most part has exiled himself, perhaps in fear of someone figuring out if the awful allegations of past criminal conduct are true and then exposing him (none of this is my doing by the way), and I think he posted once in the last few months.

Oh well... off I go :)

P.S. I wonder sometimes if Dan finds me so wretched, how he can sit back and promote what Gloria and Mark Funkhouser have brought to Kansas City... misery, embarrassment, humiliation, distrust, an increase in the racial divide, endless lawsuits (he lost the Cauthen lawsuit and is on track to go 0 for 2) and other irresponsible types of behavior. And most of the time, the Funk is JUST PLAIN STUPID...

11/28/2008 10:32 AM  

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