Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Off to India

I took Sam to the airport today, and he just called from LaGuardia. He'll spend the night in NYC, and tomorrow he'll fly off to Mumbai for an amazing 12 day, all-expense-paid/no-expense-spared tour of India, part of his honors program at NYU.

It's an odd feeling - we're going to miss him horribly. He is tremendous fun to have around, whip-smart and full of funny cultural references and real intellectual curiosity. He leaves a hole in our house when he's not here.

And now he's on his way to India. India - a subcontinent I know little of, but know he will enjoy immensely. My sorrow at having him leave is at odds with my joy that the tender, curious little boy who I played "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" with is going to spend the night in a hotel overlooking the Taj Mahal. He will see, hear, smell, touch and taste things I cannot imagine.

I'm glad he's going. I want him home. Such is the mindset of the father of a little boy who's now a big boy with colossal ambitions.

Travel safely, Sam, and I know you'll make the most of your mind-boggling opportunities. We couldn't ask for more, and we won't ask you to do less. We love you, and we're proud of you.


Blogger antimedia said...

Hopefully Sam will take some pictures that his dad can post on his blog. Hint, hint.

1/04/2006 10:11 PM  

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