Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blunt, Bond and Talent Fund Project for Republican Donor, Placing Carthage, MO in Awful Stench - Stinking Corporate Republican Turkeys

The residents of Cathage, Mo, are paying the price for the cronyism of their Congressional delegation. Roy Blunt, acknowledged to be one of the most corrupt members of Congress, Senator Bond, and Senator Talent teamed up to funnel $5 million in pork money from the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2004 to Brian Appel, a wealthy Republican donor from New York. With that money, Appel formed a joint venture with ConAgra, a huge supporter of Bond, Talent and Blunt, and built a plant to convert turkey waste into oil.

While this technology was touted as something new, in fact, a plant accomplishing much the same goal has existed in Duluth, MN. But, if you're a big Republican donor, and you have the ear of a corrupt hick from Missouri, $5 million dollars in tax funds is no big deal.

The plant has been a dismal failure. They claimed our tax investment would produce oil at $15/barrel (though the profit would all stay with Mr. Appel and ConAgra), but it has only produced a trickle of wildly expensive oil.

What it has produced, though, is stink. Massive, vomit-inducing, permeating waves of stink, sickening the town. This is not the metaphorical stench of corruption that surrounds this whole deal (did I mention that Kit Bond is mentioned on the parent company's website as a supporter? Or that former CIA Director James Woolsey is involved with the company?).

This is good old-fashioned stink, so bad that even Baby Blunt had to finally shut it down. Only after his daddy helped reward the polluter with another $12 million in tax money to pay for scrubbers to unsuccessfully tone down the emissions from the plant.

Let me sum this up: Republicans gave tax dollars to a major republican donor who used it to get more tax dollars while covering a small Missouri town in stench, in a failed attempt to get rich off of turkey waste.

If you live in Missouri, and you vote for Bond, Talent or Blunt, this is what you support.


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