Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogger (and Commenter and Lurker) Meet-up

This evening a couple dozen bloggers and friends will be getting their drink on at the Flying Saucer, slamming TIF-subsidized beers and dressing like proper white people. Commenters and readers are most definitely welcome to join in the fun, so long as they dress the way that the Cordish Company thinks they should.

In the spirit of lazy blogging, I'll just cut and paste My Spyderweb's version of the notice:

This is it! Put the word out!!!
Flying Saucer
13th & Walnut
Kansas City, Mo

Monday 6/23, 5pm, because Monday is pint night and all drafts cost $2.75.

The KC Power & Light district parking is within the same building complex and is only $2 with validation...or lately you have to pay $2 to a dude right when you go into the garage. The lot across the street is a flat $5 if you park there after 5PM.

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Anonymous Dustin said...

Dammit, going to the Royals game. Woulda liked to meet this Dan fella.

6/23/2008 4:55 PM  
Anonymous Spowzy said...

That is just sooo like a white blogger.

"Let's lump the lurkers in with the commenters - give the commenters some negative connotation".

Commenters and lurkers, they all look alike.

Dan, you are a totally white, homebrewing, hop-knowledgeable, elitist blogging asshole.

And you take pride in your status.

Take a sip from your next homebrew - look out on the world, feel sorry for a small part of it, then blame yourself for a large part of it.

It's a tough life life, blogging.

6/23/2008 10:36 PM  

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