Monday, February 04, 2008

Jacking with the Pollsters

I've received a bunch of calls lately from political pollsters, mostly from the Republican side. While it would be easy to explain to them that I will not be voting in the Republican primary on Tuesday, or to simply hang up, I would be missing out on a real opportunity to confuse the issues for the "experts" on the Republican side.

Somewhere, the Republican strategists are pondering why a strong Huckabee supporter is also strongly pro-gay marriage. Why is a portion of the "leaning Romney" electorate mostly concerned with Second Amendment rights? And McCain is apparently the choice of those who want immediate deportation of all undocumented immigrants.

Republican pollsters are welcome to call me anytime they want, and I promise to answer their questions.

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Anonymous GMC70 said...

Dan - as a matter of principle, I encourage you to do so, with all pollsters, of either party. Anything that can be done to reduce the media's use of polling as a substitute for real reporting, or the candidates use of polling as a substitute for real thinking, is highly encouraged.

BTW - I've received two polls from Obama. I've done the same thing.

Great fun.

2/04/2008 9:33 AM  

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