Sunday, February 03, 2008

Think Before You Ink! Decline to Sign!

From County Legislator Scott Burnett:

In Missouri next Tuesday February 5th, 2008, it is likely that when you are voting you will be asked to sign a "pro-civil rights" petition. This petition is actually a privately funded anti-affirmative action document. If they are successful in gathering the required signatures this anti-affirmative action language will appear on the November 2008 ballot. Please let everyone know the truth about this situation.

Think Before You Ink

Get the FACTS about the Anti- Civil Rights Initiative:

* The MoCRI will ban affirmative action programs designed toeliminate discrimination against women and minorities in public contracting, employment and education.
* Eliminating affirmative action programs will lead to resegregation of higher education.

The Low-down on paid petitioners:

* Petitioners are often paid per signature and are motivated by financial gain, not civic duty.
* Supporting a constitutional amendment is a serious decision. Petitions and petitioners may be misleading, you can ask to take the petition home with you while you decide and mail it in later.

Who’s behind this petition?

* Ward Connerly, a California businessman is trying to ban affirmative action in five states during the 2008 presidential elections. He’s trying to amend Missouri’s constitution to do so.

For more information call 1-877-644-0466 or visit:

Ward Connerly is a rich California businessman who is working in five states to get ballot initiatives passed that will end affirmative action.

Many community leaders think Connerly’s initiatives—carefully timed to coincide with the 2008 election—are designed to trick voters. Although deceptively called a “civil rights initiative,” Connerly’s constitutional amendment would end programs that level the playing field so that women and minorities have better access to public employment, public education, and public contracts.

His petitioners will be on the street claiming to end inequalities when their real aim is to end affirmative action and blunt gains made by workers throughout the state in education and public employment.

Why we are opposing this initiative:

It’s about protecting our elections and our constitution!
When outsiders come in and try to impose their agenda on Missourians, something is very wrong. Connerly is in Missouri trying to amend our constitution, for his own political purposes.

It’s about turning back paid political operatives!

The so-called “civil rights initiative” will have to rely upon dozens of crews of paid petitioners locally and outside of Missouri. They aggressively push to get signatures so that they can get paid more money. That’s not how Missouri voters should amend our constitution!

It’s about justice!
Affirmative action programs have lifted barriers faced by women, African Americans, Latinos and other ethnic minorities, giving them equal access to higher education, jobs and public contracts. This initiative seeks to turn back-time and give up the gains we have made for our daughters and for minority communities. Affirmative action policies are about continuing to move us towards equality.

It’s about making us stronger and more diverse!

Affirmative action policies make sure that women and racial and ethnic minorities get real opportunities make our communities and workplaces stronger and more diverse.
What you can do!

Volunteer for “decline to sign.” Join hundreds of activists in working to prevent Connerly from gathering the signatures needed to put his initiative on the 2008 ballot. Trainings are twice a week. Sign up for one today!

TO VOLUNTEER CALL 913-231-8587