Monday, November 05, 2007

Vote Yes on Question 1, and No on Question 2

I received a robocall from someone spreading lies about Question 1 - claiming that it would raise taxes and go toward debt. It would take some sort of lame joke blog to not support it.

On Question 2, I've acknowledged my own doubts, but Vic Callahan has driven me to vote against it, with his lies.

Even if you disagree, please go out and vote.



Blogger sophia said...

"Kids Are Our Future" also convinced me to vote NO on #2 with their mailer, this one featuring an image of Southwest as "an empty monument to the waste and corruption" of the KC school district. Which was funny, because I'm pretty sure waste and corruption are NOT the reasons SW sits empty. Does this even count as dog whistle politics?

11/06/2007 11:37 AM  
Anonymous mainstream said...

I voted yes on 1.

On the schools I strongly agree with all of the arguments against moving the schools -- I made some of them myself. However, I had to weigh that against the right of those people within the Independence political jurisdiction (and some other areas not within the Independence city limit) to determine their educational fate - and to align their political and educational jurisdictions. (I realize that there are some areas not within the Independence city limits as well.)

Parents with the KCMSD have the choice to pick the schools (charter, other) that lie within their city of residence (KCMO) and KCMSD jurisdictions. (For example, the opportunity to send their kids to the Spanish immersion Charter, etc. where I chose to send one of my children.)

Parents in most of the areas in question do not have the same set of choices as it relates to their political/educational jurisdictions. In other words, a parent living in Independence but within KCMSD does not have the option to send their kids to any one of the Independence schools - only the KCMO schools.

So I had to side with an argument of the right of self-determination and choice and alignment of education with one’s city of residence.

I voted yes on 2.

Perhaps this will turn out wrong. I hope not.

11/06/2007 1:25 PM  

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