Sunday, March 04, 2007

Supporting the Troops the Right Wing Way (Until They Get Hurt)

A lot of right-wingers make a big deal out of pretending to support our troops, and they react with vein-popping indignation when someone suggests that those troops who engaged in torture have something in common with other brothers in torture, or suggest that some of them entered the military because it was their best career option, rather than sheerly from exuberant patriotism.

Funny, then, to see how silent they have been in the face of the mistreatment of the troops here at Walter Reed. Go ahead, check Media Lies, one of the right-wing bloggers I include on my blog roll (you'll have to scroll past his failed petition "defending" the troops from those that would reduce the costs of this war). Go ahead, check Rhymes with Right, another rightwinger on my blogroll. You won't find anything - they don't care about our troops after they've been wounded and can no longer support the Bush regime on the battlefield.

Apparently, these defenders of the troops are unaware of the "sticks and stones" theory. If you say something that could possibly be construed as not-totally-supportive of our troops' sainthood, you are evil personified. But, if you leave one of our wounded warriors soaking in his own urine, you're okay in their book, because you work for the President.

I really shouldn't single out the rightwingers on my own blogroll. They are very much representative of the rest of the rightwing bloggers, as demonstrated by the usually-funny, but sometimes unable to see the humor, Jesus' General.

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