Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Barred from "The Club" - For How Long?

Because my wife and I are members of the Mug Club at 75th Street Brewery, "The Club" has become family slang for the brewery. Heads turned at the Pembroke Hill mother-son luncheon when the quotation "Let's have lunch at the club" was identified as our family's quotation. One wealthy matron quizzed my wife - "I didn't know you belonged to a club. Which one is it?"

While our club does not have golf, tennis, swimming or a history of segregation and exclusion, it more than makes up for their absence with a great selection of handcrafted ales. Their Good Hope I.P.A. is a great splash of hops, and their Possom Trot Brown Ale is a good beer that achieves insanely wonderful heights when they serve it as their cask ale - a naturally carbonated, keg-conditioned version that they serve at "cellar temperature". Better yet are their seasonals - there's almost always something special to taste, from Fountain City Red to a rich Imperial Stout served in a snifter. For those who appreciate good beer, and who really appreciate astounding beer, "The Club" has been a source of joy since its opening in 1993. And yes, their food is good, too.

Unfortunately, the fire at Kennedy's has resulted in damage to 75th Street. Here's what their website has to say about the matter:
Friends, Guests, Loyal Patrons

Thank you for your inquiry about the status of the "Brewery." We know all of you are curious as to when the Brewery will re-open for business. Because of the fire we have sustained considerable smoke damage, and we are currently without utilities. There is a lot of work to do before we open for business and do appreciate your patience. We will continue to update this website on a weekly basis to keep you informed of our progress.

Our thanks and prayers go out to the injured firefighters and their families.


Your Friends at the Brewery
It looks like I'll be looking for a new lunch place on Saturdays . . .

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