Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Things Not to Worry About

DJ Drummond, over at Stolen Thunder, worries that, in the future, people are going to pretend that they stood with W, when, in fact, only a handful of "dead-enders" like himself continue to approve of his performance. He writes, "I am writing today’s piece as something of a bookmark. The day most certainly will come, when many pretend that they stood with President Bush. But only those who stand with him now can honestly claim that honor."

DJ, stop worrying about this. Rest assured, it isn't going to happen. I will not claim that "honor".

While it remains a theoretical possibility that Bush could do something right and win my approval at a later date (deliver himself bound and gagged to a war crimes tribunal? invent a time machine and go back to tell the Supreme Court to let the votes decide who won the election? break down into tears during the State of the Union speech, beg our forgiveness and pledge to devote the rest of his life to progressive causes?), I want to be crystal clear that if, in the future, I claim to have been a Bush supporter on or before January 23 of 2007, I deserve to be ridiculed and scorned as a liar.


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