Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mel Solomon - Classless

I just received a call from Mel Solomon, one of the people running in the 4th District City Council race. Mel rattled on for several minutes about how he is an architect (who cares?) and how he has lived in the area for "a hundred years" (no, that's Wheeler) and how a bunch of architects are supporting him (again, who cares? Mr. Brady was the last architect I paid any attention to), etc. He had me bored after the first 30 seconds, and made the call more tedious by then trying to figure out exactly where my house is located.

Finally, after way too much goofy small talk, during which I reminded him that we have met, he said he is running for City Council. I asked whether he was running in-district or at-large, and he replied that he is running in-district. I politely thanked him for running, and said I appreciated his willingness to serve, but that I am supporting Mark Forsythe. He was shocked.

"Really?," he asked. "How do you know Mark?"

"Well, I met him and had coffee with him to talk about his approach on the issues. And I read his blog pretty regularly."

His voice registered disgust. "You've read his blog, and you're still supporting him? It seems pretty negative to me."

"It's not negative at all. He talks realistically about the issues in Kansas City."

"Well, he's not really much of a candidate - he won't be in the race for long. I've raised $75,000, and he's only raised $5,000."

"That's great for you, but Mark is running a heck of a campaign, and I think he'll surprise you."

"Now, I do have a formidable opponent, but that's Jan Marcason."

"Yeah, I saw her signs around this weekend. I've heard nice things about her, but I prefer Forsythe."

"Well, I hope you'll support me after the primary."

"We'll see, Mel."

What an ass! I've only reported part of the conversation - I was unfailingly polite, and he just wanted to talk smack on the person I am supporting. He also surprised me with his lack of local political knowledge - he thought that the Committee for County Progress had folded, for example.

When he heard that I am supporting Mark Forsythe, he should have retained a shred of dignity and gotten off the phone. Instead, he showed himself to be a classless jerk. Not at all the sort of person I want to vote for, or talk to on the phone.


Anonymous DP said...

Mr. Solomon should ask Jim Talent about what it's like to be the candidate who raises the most money!

1/22/2007 9:49 AM  
Anonymous Hank Reardon said...

Looks like someone's supporters are accusing your guy of controlling your post content.

Tell the truth Dan. You accuse TKC of being unethical. Aren't you just a front for doing Mark Forsythe's dirty work?

1/23/2007 11:32 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Hank -

I assure you that Mark Forsythe is not my mother.

More seriously, I have no connection to Mark's campaign. I'm not on his committee, and I haven't even made a donation, though I intend to do so soon. I've only met him face-to-face 3 times, counting the time I was behind him in line at the grocery store. Mark has never told me what to write about, or suggested topics for me. I simply approve of his approach to politics, and trust him to do a great job after he is elected.

I don't think I'm doing his dirty work, either. I simply reported the substance of a conversation I had with him, and if he wants to call me a liar, I invite him to do so.

Truth of the matter is that Mel is irrelevant. He will get two votes, if Linda is happy with him that day. The race is between Mark and Jan. Jan is a fine old-school candidate, and Mark is the new wave of savvy public servants. I support Mark and respect Jan. I neither support nor respect Mel.

1/23/2007 8:29 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

I'm such a crappy write some times. I should have written "I simply reported the substance of a conversation I had with Mel Solomon, and if he wants to call me a liar, I invite him to do so."

1/23/2007 8:50 PM  

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