Saturday, January 13, 2007

Politics and Dying in Cochabamba

A little over a year ago, I spend a couple weeks in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was a colorful, good-humored place, with kind people, beautiful old buildings and sweet children. It was a life-changing trip, and I want to go back.

But now, in the streets we walked through looking for saltenas, there are thousands of people gathering in protest. Two people are dead forever, and over a hundred are wounded. Thugs beat women with clubs. I cannot explain the roots or meaning of this frightening ugliness, and I know too little (or too much) to view this through the lens of either side.

If you pray, please consider praying for the country, state, city and people of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Here are a few pictures, but they are of the Cochabamba I saw.


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