Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Saberhagen - Misguided Hypothetical Idealism

Brett Saberhagen is on the ballot for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame for the first time. Everyone knows he stands no better chance of being picked than I do, but he has chosen this moment to announce that, if selected, he will not accept the honor because of his principles.

What triggers this noble sacrifice of an honor he was never going to get anyhow? Could it be that he, having broken into Major League Baseball in Kansas City, recognizes the outrageous and, now, irredeemable, slight to Buck O'Neil, and is choosing to use this tiny, tiny moment of hypthetical influence to chastise the powers-that-be at Cooperstown?


No, he's saying he would decline the honor because Cooperstown has refused to admit a compulsive liar and gambler into the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose, not Buck O'Neil, is the person for whom Saberhagen is willing to lay down his chance at baseball immortality.

Isn't that special?


Anonymous T.Reason said...

O’Neill was a powerhouse, an extraordinary player, and all-round fine human being. He coached for the Cubs and had the good sense when he was a scout to sign players like Billy Williams and my personal hero, Ernie Banks. I don’t get it -- it’s just one of many issues with the Hall of Fame. (I’m still wondering why they’ll never recognize players like Ron Santo or Don Mattingly.)

11/28/2006 10:13 AM  

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