Saturday, August 19, 2006

Andrew Young - As Big a Star as Mel Gibson??

The whiny, woe-is-me, rightwing cult of victimization is in a tizzy that Mel Gibson's obscenely anti-semitic drunken rant caught the public's attention moreso than remarks by a nearly-forgotten left-wing bit-player from the past who has sold out to Wal-Mart, Andrew Young.

What percentage of Americans recognize Mel Gibson's name, versus Andrew Young's (and how many of those would think he sang with Crosby Stills and Nash?)? Yet, in the parallel universe of the right-wing, we should expect equal public attention to their respective gaffes.

Whiny wankers.


Anonymous Rhymes With Right said...

Yeah -- former big city mayor, former UN ambassador, noted civil rights leader -- why on earth would anyone possibly think the sober words of a man like Andy Young ought to receive at least as vocal a condemnation as those of an alcoholic actor?

8/19/2006 8:44 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Hahahaha - you crack me up. Who was mayor of Atlanta before Andrew Young? After? Who was UN ambassador before Andrew Young? After? I have no idea what the answer to any of those questions are.

Get it through your head that people in America don't care as much about UN Ambassadors or Atlanta mayors as much as they do about movie stars. Myabe that's sad, but it's definitely true . . .

8/20/2006 12:01 PM  
Blogger dolphin said...

That was my thought when I first read about it.

Andrew who?

8/21/2006 9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet you'd care more if John Bolton made those comments instead of Andrew Young. I don't buy your whole "we care because he's a star" BS. If John Bolton made the comments you'd be all over it. If Michael Bolton made the comments, you wouldn't care.

8/22/2006 3:03 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

You may be right, anonymous, but, let's think together a little bit about any other differences between Bolton and Young we may be able to come up with. Hey, here's a pretty interesting one. Bolton is currently the US Ambassador to the UN, while Young is approaching three decades out of the position. Oh, yeah, here's another one - Bolton is a member of the administration, while Young was working for Walmart.

You are correct, however, that I don't care about Michael Bolton.

Actually, I don't care about Mel Gibson, either. Did you see me writing anything about that idiot before the right wing whiners started trying to draw bogus comparisons between him and Andrew Young? Of course not.

The only reason I mentioned him at all is because the whiney right started playing its game of victimization. Bunch of wankers.

8/22/2006 3:18 PM  

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