Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Legal Fairness"? Feels Like We're Getting Screwed!

Spin masters for the corporate world have announced that corporate lawyers (that fair-minded bunch) have ranked Missouri the 35th "most fair" state for business, up from 40th last year. The reason? Because Republican legislators have stripped Missourians of their right to get compensated when a corporation harms them.

"Legal fairness"?!?! This has nothing to do with fairness - this is a measure of how badly Missouri treats its own citizens in favor of big-money corporate interests.

I'm a fairly competitive guy, so I think we ought to try to be #1. To do that, all we will need to do is have all Missourians volunteer to be sex slaves for corporate lawyers with sadism fetishes. Why not? Our Republican legislators are already corporate whores. Bring on the lash, US Chamber of Commerce!


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