Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Derangement Syndromes and the ACLU

"Bush Derangement Syndrome" is a label right-wingers have used to attempt to trivialize criticisms of the President. Those of who raise concerns about his policies or express disapproval of him in any way are portrayed as crazed "moon-bats" who are incapable of rational discourse and are blind to our President's "sunny nobility".

As a teenager would say, whatever.

Regardless, the concept of "Derangement Syndromes" is an amusing one. I have earlier wondered about their apoplectic reaction to Hillary Clinton. Recently, I have come across another flashpoint for the right - the ACLU.

In one thread on a conservative blogger's site, I had a normally intelligent writer arguing that the ACLU is a communist organization, despite the fact that their bylaws specifically disqualify communists from membership, because they support free speech, which means they are trying to offend the American public to such an extent that the government can restrict all speech.

Cue the teen on the soundboard.

What other Derangement Syndromes do you see out there - on either side? What people or institutions cause certain persons to lose control of their mental faculties and start spewing thoughtless nonsense?


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