Friday, March 10, 2006

Fred Phelps Makes Me Proud to be an American

How's that for a surprising headline?

But, seriously, Fred Phelps has done everything he can possibly do to test the limits of Americans' devotion to free speech, and he still has not provoked a violent response. His repugnant protests at soldiers' funerals have drawn gangs of bikers, not to whip him with chains as most, I suspect, would greatly enjoy, but to rev their engines and screen the grieving families and friends from his "God hates fags"' message.

The fact that Fred Phelps has not been beaten or worse is a wondrous example of what is good in American society.


Anonymous Rhymes With Right said...

I'm sure you are proud of your fellow Democrat (and Al Gore supporter) Fred Phelps -- a man who spreads hatred against America and our fighting men and women.

3/10/2006 1:46 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

You know better than that. Why would you say such a thing? Seems to me that your attempt to play provocateur is akin to a Phelps tactic.

3/10/2006 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're looking for volunteers to beat him into a pulp, a large part of me would like to get in line; however, I understand what you're saying.

Frankly, he's taking his disgusting shtick (spelling??) on the road these days because in Kansas the local media largely ignores him and no longer puts his crap on the air. He still raises eyebrows on other parts of the country, where the media hasnpt seen his particular brand of vitriol before. Hopefully, they'll get the idea soon, and they too will ignore the creep.

3/10/2006 4:57 PM  
Anonymous anonymous Me said...

Yea - that was me. My computer-illiterate self messed up the tag.

3/10/2006 4:58 PM  
Blogger antimedia said...

Oh, I don't know, Dan, there's a part of me that thinks a severe beating might do Phelps some good. At least it would keep him out of circulation for a while. ;-)

You have to give him credit for one thing. He's a uniter. Almost everybody is disgusted by him.

3/10/2006 11:51 PM  
Blogger Sean Hurly said...

Phelps has been down here to Joplin alot and I must say that you could be drilling for oil and he would rant over Fags, Jews, Catholics, and Blacks. Everyone I know loves the guy, because he's a moron and their source of entertainment. I like his congregation of 100 people, who mainly consist of family members. Hell he is even brave enough to take on Santa Claus! Maybe he will show up at some soldiers funeral who is an ex biker for the Hells Angles! Boy, you wonder when he might piss off the wrong crowd. But he is comical! And Stupid.

3/13/2006 11:36 PM  
Anonymous Jim Padgett said...

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Phelps is a two-bit extortionist litigator.

His game is to provoke someone into physical contact, then sue them and any organization (deep pockets) he can tie them to. Notice he is not testing the law; he’s filing law suites. For damages no doubt. It’s how he makes his living.

His bio says it all.

3/17/2006 9:36 PM  
Anonymous Jim Padgett said...

Check out his bio. _phelps16.shtml

3/17/2006 9:38 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

The links you gave won't work for me this morning, but thank you for the info. Actually, while I despise what he does, I think what you say is pretty cool. The knuckle-draggers who resort to violene are the ones who wind up sponsoring him.

It's kind of funny - coincidentally, when I had posted this, one of the right wing bloggers I read has become a Patriot Rider (which is great), and posted about it. Predictably, though, the right wing commenters on his site responded with tough guy nonsense. Of course, those Keyboard Kommandoes would never actually have the courage to do anything . . .

3/18/2006 11:48 AM  

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