Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Who Knew the "Al" in al Qaida Stands for Alzheimer's?

This is simply funny, as Gonzalez gets busted on one of the administration's talking points. Hint: When you're in a hole, stop digging . . .
BIDEN: Thank you very much.

General, how has this revelation damaged the program?

I'm almost confused by it but, I mean, it seems to presuppose that these very sophisticated Al Qaida folks didn't think we were intercepting their phone calls.

I mean, I'm a little confused. How did it damage this?

GONZALES: Well, Senator, I would first refer to the experts in the Intel Committee who are making that statement, first of all. I'm just the lawyer.

And so, when the director of the CIA says this should really damage our intel capabilities, I would defer to that statement. I think, based on my experience, it is true -- you would assume that the enemy is presuming that we are engaged in some kind of surveillance.

But if they're not reminded about it all the time in the newspapers and in stories, they sometimes forget.
My only question is, who does the administration really think is stupid. Al Qaida or us?


Blogger les said...

Maybe he's just projecting, based on his boss...

2/08/2006 4:45 PM  

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