Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nixon vs. Blunt? What's Behind Door Number 3?

Jay Nixon has tossed his hat in the ring for the 2008 governor's race. Yes, that's 2 and half years away, and he's already running a campaign website.

I don't like Jay Nixon. Back during the desegregation litigation, he sought out opportunities to damage the educational opportunities of Kansas City's public school students, my own children included. It wasn't just that he was representing the state - that's his job, but the little weasel would stage bogus press events to make the KCMSD look bad to the press and public, driving down public support and confidence in the district. And, folks, if you needed to cheat and posture to make the KCMSD leadership look bad back then, there was something seriously wrong with you. And if you deliberately and unfairly undermine the educational prospects of innocent school children so that you can look tough on black kids for the outstate voters, you are as soulless and corrupt as . . . well, a republican. I hate to get that nasty about a democrat, but there it is.

I've met Jay several times, and he comes across as a self-admiring ass. The only thing Nixon likes to look at more than a mirror is a camera.

His website shows that his candidacy for governor will be as substanceless as the man himself. The front page includes a soundbite that raised my hopes for just a second:
Broader Prosperity for All Missourians

If you are working, you should not be poor and you should not be without health care...those who work hard and play by the rules should have the opportunity to prosper...
Follow the link, though, and you will find absolutely no proposals of any meaning. Most disappointingly, though, he's failing to take the opportunity to join with his fellow Missouri Democrats in supporting an increase in Missouri's minimum wage, which has remained frozen at $5.15 for more than a decade. Instead, he unloads a bunch of nonspecific crap about education and rising tides. I read all of his "positions", and they are bland, meaningless tripe that don't even rise to the level of worthwhile soundbites.

Please, Missouri Democrats, come up with a better candidate than Jay Nixon. We need and deserve it.


Anonymous Todd Elkins said...

Former Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell is who I hope will be jumping into the ring. Maxwell, however, has vowed to wait until after the 2006 election before he declares his intentions for 2008.

1/26/2006 10:58 PM  

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