Friday, January 07, 2005

Why do They Hate Us?

I won't profess to understand the mindset of terrorists, but I would be pretty bent out of shape if some other country behaved like the US. Consider what we would be saying if France announced that it would feel free to permanently jail people it "suspected" of being terrorists - American citizens included - even if it didn't have evidence to support that suspicion. Consider what we would be saying if France elevated someone who supports torture and calls the Geneva Conventions "quaint" to its top lawyer position. We, as a country, are not the bad guys, but we sure do look like them some times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

[nods in agreement]

Milly wrote about this topic (it tangents, anyway) yesterday (I think) on the page, in case you've seen it?


1/07/2005 10:19 AM  

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