Sunday, July 25, 2004

Great Young Democrats

Readers of this blog have seen my struggles with the Governor's race in Missouri - Governor Holden deserves the thanks of every Missourian for his strong protection of our civil justice system and education, while Claire McCaskill may be the stronger candidate to run against Matt Blunt - the shallow, opportunistic spawn of a nitwit.

Thinking Democrats also face a similar tough issue in deciding whom to support for Lieutenant Governor - Bekki Cook or Ken Jacob. This could be an even tougher choice, as both candidates are charismatic leaders with a history of standing up for Missourians. Personally, I'm leaning toward Bekki - mostly because I have met her several times socially, and I know she is a warm and genuine person. I ran into her again in St. Joseph last week, and she's simply a likeable person. I haven't run into Ken in many years, but I'd be pleased to have him as my Lieutenant Governor, as well.

We also have a good race for the Treasurer spot, though I have little difficulty in supporting the dynamic Jason Klumb over the loyal and worthy, but less inspirational, Mark Powell.

In short, the Democrats have an incredible wealth of great candidates. When you add in such great people on the sidelines this time, like Steve Gaw, Roger Wilson and Robert Clayton, it's hard not to feel optimistic about our chances against the sanctimonious, rude, and immature litter of Republicans.


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