Saturday, July 17, 2004

More from the email bag . . .

One of the less stable correspondents from the right sent an email announcing that Bush is "dumb like a fox", citing a Time magazine article about the 9/11 Commission Finding Ties Between al-Qaeda and Iran. He then points out "And dumb old President Bush has us positioned with our military on 3 sides of Iran."

I know that this guy doesn't speak for the entire right-wing, but most of the stuff he sends me comes straight off the Republican talking points. So, prepare yourself for the new defense of Bush - we invaded Iraq on made up reasons so that we will be in a better position to invade Iran. Got that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow.

But what do these people think that we're going to invade with? They're mostly stuck in Iraq, dodging 7.62 mm flowers, and improvised explosive candies...

7/18/2004 9:21 AM  

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