Saturday, July 17, 2004

An Open Letter from a Republican

A lawyer in Missouri wrote this letter and shared it on a listserve. I know the guy, and he's not kidding when he claims to come from the Republican side of the aisle. How much damage will the religious right do to the Republican party by alienating the libertarian side of the party?

Dear Senators Bond and Talent:

In this time of “real issues” and “real problems” faced by our Country, I am very disturbed and disappointed that your vote was in support of the Constitutional Amendment to “define” marriage. I have previously voted for both of you. I have traditionally considered myself a Republican in my views. I am a father, and I have been married now for 27 years. The definition of my marriage and my family is not the concern of government. The definition of the union of others, similarly should not be the concern of government. It is my duty to teach my children values and to exhibit my own values in the conduct of my life. It is not the duty of government to usurp that role, either as it pertains to me, my children, or others.

I believe that our Constitution is a document of inclusion… meant to embrace and not exclude. A document, by definition, which protects the rights of the minority from the transient political whims of the majority. I urge you to similarly view the Constitution is such a light and not use it as a tool seeking to divert the attention of the People from the real needs of the time, such as: the economy, health care, foreign policy, national security, and the preservation of personal liberty, just to name a few.

I fear that those who focus on political ends become blinded to the actual views and needs of the electorate. We need health care, We need preservation of jobs, We need a reasonable tax burden, We need participation in partnership with other Countries of the world, We need a balance struck between security and the preservation of personal liberty so that by our own political deeds we do not accomplish the goals of terrorist, that being the destruction of those freedoms that have long distinguished us in the world. We need a sound energy policy and the development of renewable resources. We do not need to stir dissent within our own house, nor sow the seeds of division and discord.

Mine is but one vote, however, I suspect that my views are more mainstream than the view of those pundits who purport to “protect” my family values for me.


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