Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Flip-Flop On Governor

At the suggestion of a good friend, I have taken another look at the Governor's race in Missouri. A few weeks ago, I jumped off the fence, and endorsed Governor Holden, mostly because of information that Claire McCaskill had endorsed tort reform. Well, my friend pointed out, the truth is a little more complex than that.

Both Holden and McCaskill support some forms of tort reform - and I agree that some aspects of the tort system could bear some examination. The worst aspects of tort reform - caps on non-economic damages and limitations on attorneys' fees, are the real threat to our civil justice system, and both Holden and McCaskill can be counted upon to veto any such laws.

My friend tells me "I looked Claire in the eye, she is not signing a a tort reform bill."

Okay, good enough for me. First I was on the fence, then I was off it, now I've jumped it. I'll have a Claire sign in my yard before the sun sets tonight.

Regardless, I'll be supporting the primary winner against Blunt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched one of Claire McCaskill's ads last night. It was a pretty vicious attack on Holden and really misstated what happened on the education issue in my opinion. I haven't seen any Holden ads yet. If they go at each other in that fashion, Blunt wins.

Bob, Claire - if this election matters to you, don't maim the eventual Democratic nominee.

7/08/2004 12:57 PM  

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