Monday, May 31, 2004

Cosby's Comments

Bill Cosby made a speech at Howard University that has people talking. Some African-Americans have reacted defensively, and some white commentators have gleefully jumped on the opportunity to criticize the African-American community. I'm tempted to join in with the people criticizing Cosby, simply because the white commentators who have supported him have done so with thinly veiled tumescence of their natural racist impulses.

But, guess what. I'm not really qualified to speak on this topic. My perspectives on black culture may be slightly more informed than those of Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly, but they are still an outsider's perspectives filtered through insufficient experience, the media, and a certain amount of unconquerable racism that exists in each of us. In short, I know nothing worth typing into a blog.

The best I can do here is simply shut the fuck up and acknowledge my ignorance. If you want to discuss this topic, go someplace better equipped for the topic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should also understand that there are just as many people of color not afraid to express views 'filtered thru insufficient experiences, the media', and ignorance, too. In my opinion, they would be less equipped to speak on the topic than you.

And, they don't blog. You would not have created this weblog if you were not confident in articulating, discussing and debating. Regardless of the right or wrong of your opinion, you are not answering to a Jerry Springer audience.


6/02/2004 5:10 PM  
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