Sunday, May 23, 2004

Putting Soldiers at Risk?

Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority leader, showed some spine this week when she called Bush "incompetent". I can accept the fact that some partisans prefer not to face up to this obvious truth, depite the overwhelming evidence that Bush doesn't read, doesn't care, and doesn't pay attention to the neo-con opportunists he fronts for.

The only thing that makes such an obvious statement from a political opponent at all worthy of comment is the blustery outrage it has provoked from the attack dogs on the right. Tom DeLay (perhaps on his way to prison for his corruption) did not defend Bush (perhaps that would be too difficult) - instead, he demanded that she apologize (you first, Tom) and claimed that "She apparently is so caught up in partisan hatred for President Bush that her words are putting American lives at risk."


Nancy Pelosi is putting American lives at risk?!

DeLay is either intentionally trying to use the troops as political human shields for the incompetent president, or he is off his medications.

When given the opportunity to judge the motivations of others when they do bad things, it is kind and generous to assume that stupidity, not malevolence, is at the root. Indeed, Pelosi was, in a way, gentle in calling Bush merely incompetent, where others in his administration have pointed out that he may be a war criminal.

So - what does DeLay think is going on in Iraq and in terrorist circles? Does he think that terrorist cells are more likely to act upon their outrage because a woman from San Francisco questions the president's competence? Does he think that fundamentalists are finding inspiration not in their twisted views of religion and God's will, but in news reports about a member of Congress? Does he think that democracy is more likely to take root in Iraq if he is able to silence any voice that speaks against The Great Leader? Does he think that American lives are more at risk because of Nancy Pelosi than because of the prison abuses authorized by Rumsfeld (or perhaps the supremely incompetent Bush)?

DeLay, I'll extend to you the same courtesy that Pelosi extended to the President. Perhaps you are not an evil, corrupt opportunist trying to use our troops to protect your own vile interests. You may be simply incompetent.


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