Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Gray Lady Eats Crow

One of the most frustrating aspects of the run-up to war for those of us opposing the attack was the complicity of the mainstream press. It seemed as though the press had blinders on, going happily along with whatever misinformation the Bush administration was putting forward. Finally, the New York Times has apologized: Over the last year this newspaper has shone the bright light of hindsight on decisions that led the United States into Iraq. We have examined the failings of American and allied intelligence, especially on the issue of Iraq's weapons and possible Iraqi connections to international terrorists. We have studied the allegations of official gullibility and hype. It is past time we turned the same light on ourselves.

Yes, indeed.

I hope this article becomes required reading in journalism schools. By not doing their duty as journalists, the Times reporters became part of the drum beat that allowed this country to enter this war. By not questioning the WMD claims more closely, they participated in the deception of the Bush administration. Ultimately, the press bears some of the responsibility for our misguided policies, and a few contrite column inches will not bring anybody back to life, or restore our nation's credibility.


Blogger lj said...

Well, I agree with the "not doing their job as journalists" part, nothing new there. But I don't know about the required reading part.

I'm not sure where this complicity of the press is that you speak of. From where I'm at, those that have been against the war, have been against it from the beginning.
This supposed contrition is just flip-flopping because they feel embarrassed that they supported the President when everyone else did. In a sense, their ashamed of their patriotism. Now that his popularity is down, everyone is jumping ship. I say let them jump, apologize, backtrack, whatever. When Bush is vindicated, re-elected, Iraq becomes stable, Saddam is tried and bin laden is found, they'll want us to throw them a lifeline.

I don't think it's about journalism as much as it is about recantation.

By the way, love the new site. You may be growing old gracefully as your tagline says, but I'm not so sure about dispensing wisdom. :)

5/26/2004 8:52 PM  

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