Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad News for Koster's CAFOs

As described earlier on this blog, Chris Koster likes factory farms (a/k/a CAFOs). He likes them so much that he wants to prevent local people from having a voice in where they can locate their sewage lagoons and generate their stink. If you would prefer to avoid pig feces and urine next door, you definitely do not want Chris Koster to be in charge of our environmental laws.

Blog CCP put up a great post on Monday about a CAFO that is trying to argue that it can put 4800 pigs about 400 yards away from a soldier's front door. "He's not there now, anyhow," the factory farm argues. Disgusting people pushing a disgusting farm. Koster's work on behalf of CAFOs has been focused on preventing local communities from having a voice in allowing corporate pig farms, so that small towns cannot fight back to save the home of their local soldier. That's the sort of crowd that Koster is running with. Sound like Democrats to you?

This morning's paper brings more attention to Koster's CAFOs. The first paragraph gives just a whiff of the stench that Koster wants to inflict on Missouri's small towns:
Industrial farms where animals are kept tightly confined present a serious and growing threat to humans, animals and the environment, a private commission reported Tuesday.
The article goes on to point out the dangers in the antibiotics and waste products of these pig factories.

Ironically, the conclusion reached by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is the exact opposite of what Chris Koster wants to impose. Where Koster has been trying to rob local communities of the right to interfere with corporate pig farms to locate wherever they want (such as next door to a soldier's home), the bipartisan commission says that local control is better than state control.

Would a real Democrat support corporate pig farms?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As AG, Koster will be Missouri's top law enforcement officer. This is a job he is well suited for given his years as Cass County Prosecutor where he tried numerous cases and locked up scores of dangerous criminals. (Koster is the only candidate in the race with prosecutorial, or even trial, experience.)

As AG, Koster will not oversee the development of pig farms. Dan - This is a non-issue and you know it.

4/30/2008 9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Koster can't win a democratic primary, so he won't be AG.

But, even playing your silly game, plea bargaining serial murderers to keep them alive is something that Koster clearly has the edge in. I agree entirely. If Koster were running for a county prosecutor spot, he would have the most experience at failing to try serial murder cases. You win that point.

But we're talking about the AG office - Harris has already run a division in the AG office. Harris is the only one with experience in the AG office that does not involve working for a criminal republican. I win that point.

As AG, Harris will oversee the enforcement of actions by the Mo DNR. He will defend against challenges to the environmental laws of the state. That is the real issue, whether you know it or not.

4/30/2008 10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean Harris is the only one with experience in the AG office.

Didn't Koster work in the office of the criminal Bill Webster.

And everyone thinks that Koster was a tough prosecutor who didn't plea bargain.

But everyone in the area knows there were exception for certain lawyers.

Who ya kiddin?

5/01/2008 3:36 AM  
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