Friday, December 04, 2009

Sarah Palin - Lost Leader

Major retailers are selling Sarah Palin's book below cost, losing money on every sale, in an attempt to lure spenders, in the hopes that those buyers will make other, more profitable purchases. The retail strategy is called a "loss leader", though, in Palin's case, the term "lost leader" seems a little more appropriate. She was supposed to be Alaska's governor for a full term, but she lost her will to serve. She was supposed to be a leader of our country, but she complains in her book that she was dominated by mid-level handlers from the McCain campaign. She was supposed to be an opinion leader, but she whines that Katie Couric's questions were too tough.

In any case, it's funny to see her sustained self-pitying is being used as retail bait by Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Perhaps, as a fan of literature, I should be frustrated that the major retailers are artificially advancing the ratings of a sub-par book, but, let's face it, a larger segment of the market wants to read about a failed leader than the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

It's fine with me that those who choose to purchase Ms. Palin's book will only be paying a fraction of the true cost.

If she had been a more appealing politician, we would all be paying the cost now.

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Blogger bigsmithdude said...

excellent cost/benefit analysis!

12/04/2009 7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you see her as more effective a leader than some of those on City Council?

12/04/2009 10:28 PM  
Blogger Dan said...


12/05/2009 9:02 AM  

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