Thursday, May 21, 2009

CCP - Late and Early?

Yesterday evening, the CCP gave Harry Wiggins Public Service Awards to Jim Nutter, Sr. and Dutch Newman, and then endorsed Robin Carnahan in her race for the US Senate seat in 2010. The Wiggins awards were well-chosen, and two such stalwart supporters of good government richly deserved their recognition. If anything, they should have received the awards years ago, but it is sometimes difficult to stop and recognize people who are constantly and consistently doing dedicated work, without seeking to draw attention to themselves.

As if to balance out the lateness of their recognition of Nutter and Newman, the CCP also became the first major local political organization to endorse Robin Carnahan for Senate. Personally, I was surprised to see them jump the gun and issue such an endorsement before I announced my own decision about whether to run. When I asked a couple members about that, they assured me that they could rescind the endorsement and jump on my bandwagon when it starts rolling . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearing the way for Nixon worked so well (for Nixon -- not the Party) so why not endorse another Republican-lite candidate early?

I really loved the way Nixon was able to use that big (personal) win last year to pressure the legislature to do the right thing, rather than the far right thing --- NOT!

The Governor is invisible, which is just the trait that the Repubicans like most in a Democratic official.

There is no Democratic Party in this state. That is why Democratic turnout sucks.

Again and again, Democrats are told that they cannot have candidates that they really want to vote for because the cave dswellers outstate will not support them. Well the cave dwellers do not support them anyway unless they are sure that they are one of their own like Nixon, and Democrats end up staying home.

Turnout was down in Jackson County last year compared to 2004! Thanks Mr. Nixon, Your say nothing campaign really fired people up ... RIGHT! Mr. Nixon, you cost Obama Missouri and cost the Democrats the state legislature. I hope it works out for you because it is not working out very well for the people of Missouri.

Robin's only hope is for Blunt and Steelman to gut each other. She is running a "it is ok to vote for me" campaign already. LOSER!

If elected we can be sure she will vote with Republicans on all the tough issues in Washington.That is why large numbers of Democrats stay home on Election Day, and that is why Robin is likely to lose next year.

On a happier note, congrats to Dutch and Mr. Nutter. When you two were young and healthy we used to win elections and get things done.

5/21/2009 7:39 AM  

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