Monday, March 16, 2009

Tarwater's Tape Exposes Rizzo - Day 98 of the Jackson County Ethics Blackout

As promised earlier, a videotape of Dan Tarwater grandstanding on the stadium issue may be found here. In watching the performance again, it's hilarious to see Henry Rizzo spring into action and attempt to nail down the legal obligation of the City to make a donation to cover Jackson County's commitment of funds. Rizzo flails away, asking awkward question after awkward question, until, finally, Tarwater admits that there is no legal obligation for the City to divert two million dollars from public safety into suburban entertainment.

Even the County Counselor was dodging Rizzo's questions, not wanting to make him look like a fool in front of everyone. Nice try, but when Rizzo gets on a roll, there's no stopping him.

Sadly, truth may have emerged on the tape when a legislator from outside of Kansas City pointed out that several Kansas City Council members are willing to join in the diversion of funds and sell out Kansas City. Any Council Member who votes to give away $2,000,000 during our budget crisis will demonstrate that s/he is on the side of Henry Rizzo and Dan Tarwater.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good analysis but instead of admitting they were fighting a losing effort, the City Council is being encouraged to let AG Koster decide Funkhouser's nepotism issue. A recall effort with the promise of a $2 million dollar war chest will probably bring out the piranha.

3/16/2009 12:07 PM  
Blogger craig said...

Didn't Rizzo help negotiate the contracts?

3/16/2009 6:17 PM  

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