Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dave Helling Beyond Satire

I've made sport of Dave Hellings' inability to do simple math and everyone agrees that his hilarious hand-wringing about the demise of the Democratic Party after a triumphal primary season was an unintentional masterpiece of cluelessness.

Dave Helling doesn't produce much copy anymore, but when he does publish something, it often carries that special glow of obtuseness that makes real political observers stop in their tracks and say "Huh?".

Yesterday's gem was this - Kansas City should raid its general revenue to support the stadiums because that is the same as Johnson County giving money. This is the actual title of Hellings' piece - and, no, I haven't altered it to make it seem more ridiculous - "End of $2 million stadium subsidy could let JoCo off the hook for ballparks".

Because Johnson Countians pay a portion of the earnings tax. Which goes into general revenue.

Absolutely incredible. The Kansas City Star actually published that analysis.

By the same analysis, the City can bestow the benefits of Bistate funding anywhere it redirects general revenue by laying off enough police officers and cutting enough basic services.

It's genius! If Kansas City uses every nickel of its money to support things that suburbanites like, a new Age of Aquarius will dawn, and regionalism will reign over the unpatrolled and unpaved streets of Kansas City. That's the way things work in Hellings' world.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

KC residents do not need to ante up more money than they pay for the sales tax designated for the stadiums.
The two million would have come from other resources and since neither the City Council nor the mayor negotiated any part of the agreement, they should stay away lest they be tainted by the corruption of the County.
You can be sure that this issue will remain forefront because mayoral candidates like Sly James and Al Redierer are in the hunt.

3/10/2009 11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So perhaps they're arguing all public subsidies should end -- again, it's hard to tell exactly what they're saying. We do know this: Ending all subsidies would put the binding stadium leases into default.

The above paragraphs are confusing me. Is Dave saying that if we stop the 2 million, we will go in default?

Is he saying that if we quit paying the legal obligated payments we will default (and be in breach of contract I would guess)

Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but I thought we are legally obligated (I remember the vote), to give some tax money, but the 2 million we are not. How could we just default without leaving ourselves wide open to lawsuits?

Is he just trying to confuse funding that we are legally obligated to give and with funds we just "donate"?

3/10/2009 12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did not the chiefs change the contracts. they were suppose to have user fees for parking and they put the fee on the ticket. lets review this. maybe the chiefs are default.

3/10/2009 1:33 PM  

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