Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Than I Need

The day before yesterday, I had more stuff than I thought I needed, and today it's the same, though more so. Into the wall of my material satisfaction, though, those who love me stuffed the spackle of gifts into cracks I didn't know I had. New slippers to replace a torn and stained pair. A beer mug selected for me in the land of the Magyars, and brought to me by a daughter who has grown subtly and vastly since she left our home. Books carefully chosen to reflect an enduring commonality with a son who is growing up and away. A saltine-sized piece of miracle from my wife that will liven my days with music. Wine from friends to warm celebrations and meals.

I hope you each had a wonderful Holiday Season, whether it was centered on Christmas or Hanukkah or a different Holiday or no Holiday at all.

The only thing further I could hope for is something to write about tomorrow. That would be nice.



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