Sunday, September 23, 2007

Boonville Overnight at the Hotel Frederick

Through a series of odd circumstances, I wound up visiting Boonville Friday evening, spending the night at the historic Hotel Frederick. The Hotel Frederick is right on the Katy Trail, and is the last Boonville building before you reach the river on Main Street.

Despite the historical nature of the place, the rooms had some contemporary flourishes. Like the flat screen TVs and walk-in showers, for instance. But the most remarkable feature of the place had to be the rooms' bathrooms, separated from the main part of the room only by glass walls. Yes, see-through, non-opaque glass panes.

Now, being as well-built as I am, I'm more than happy to show off my buff body in the shower, so that didn't throw me at all. But the toilet was in there, too. And while I don't mind being watched while I shower, I don't particularly enjoy being watched while I read a magazine, so to speak. And I can't think of anyone I'd want to watch, either.

So, there was that.

And there was also Hearne Christopher. In the lobby when we checked in, in the lobby bar when we dropped by, at the corner diner when we had breakfast, and at the movie set when we went there to watch Connie Stevens direct the upcoming movie "Saving Grace", starring Tatum O'Neal. He was everywhere.

Boonville is a sleepy little town on the banks of the Missouri River, and now it has a fancy historical hotel. I would highly recommend a visit, if only to have breakfast at the Riverside Diner, where I had a sandwich constructed of a thick slice of fried bologna, two eggs, and two slices of American cheese, on Texas Toast. Ain't that America?



Blogger Evo said...

hi, how are u there..?

9/23/2007 5:15 PM  
Anonymous Brent said...

So you enjoyed your stay?

I've been really wanting to spend the night there. I grew up in Boonville, and have always loved that old building. In my lifetime, it's spent a lot of time being abandoned, being saved by the historical society from demolition, and even many years as a nursing home.

I was thrilled to find out they had renovated the place and turned it back into a boutique hotel with a good restaurant attached.

9/24/2007 9:42 AM  

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