Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mega-Thumbs Up! Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

On Saturday, we made our first visit to the Tivoli since the passing of Bob Smith, and saw Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont.

It's a simple, humane movie that may be the first and only example of the "old chick flick" genre. An old woman moves to London and finds herself ignored by her grandson. She meets a gallant young man who is similarly lonely, and they form a rich friendship, enriching both their lives.

I don't claim to be competent at assessing male beauty, and I try to avoid opining on things I don't know, but I'm pretty certain that Rupert Friend is ridiculously attractive. This is his first lead role, but I think the female public will be clamoring for more.

The movie is intelligent and sure of itself. The characters are likeable and compelling, and the writing is crisp.

It's also nice to be 46 in a movie theater and bring the average age down.


Blogger Xavier Onassis said...

XO's Review - The special effects suck. No CGI. There are no harpoons, no kung fu. No "buddy shots" looking through the windshield of a speeding car as they both go "AAAAGGGHHHH". No lasers. No rocket ships. No rabid, brain eating, zombie aliens. No boobies (at least none that you WANT to see). It sounds no different in a theatre than it would on your mom's old TV.

XO gives this movie two thumbs down.

CAVEAT - XO never actually watched this movie because it looks like one that might make him cry. XO hates to cry. That's why he changes the channel as soon as a Hallmark commercial comes on. XO is a big puss. At least that's what his girlfriend tells him.

9/05/2006 10:47 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

XO -

You need to see this movie. The scene where Mrs. Palfrey tears off her shirt and strangles the alien makes all that sensitive stuff more tolerable.

9/06/2006 7:24 AM  
Anonymous travelingal said...

Good eye, Dan. Rupert Friend is a good looking man.

XO - I recommend Harold and Maude, an old movie from the 70's, to bring out your more sensitive side. ROFLMAO

9/06/2006 7:52 AM  
Blogger Xavier Onassis said...

ROFLMAO. I remember Harold and Maude. That movie is probably to blame for my fetish for older women.

Only problem is, at my age, I have to keep redifining "older".

"Oh, I was born in September...you were born in July? Yeah baby!!" LOL!

9/06/2006 10:28 PM  

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