Sunday, July 16, 2006

Want to Spend Barbara Boxer's Money?

Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change is raising funds for Democratic Senatorial challengers, and the money goes to whomever gets the most votes here. Right now, Claire McCaskill trails Bob Casey by a few percentage points, and, if you go there and cast your vote, you might swing the tide Claire McCaskill's way.

If you're from Missouri, the opportunity to get rid of Jim Tlent is an obviously good thing, but I know a lot of my readers come from other places. They may be wondering why it would be better to vote for Claire McCaskill rather than Bob Casey. After all, Talent is merely a lapdog Republican, wishy-washy and ineffective, while Casey's opponent is the truly obnoxious Rick Santorum. Santorum is third on the Republican Senatorial depth chart, while, as junior Senator, Talent is in third place on Missouri's Senatorial depth chart (behind whomever is lobbying Kit Bond at the moment).

The biggest reason to vote for McCaskill is that she is barely leading in her race against Talent, while Santorum is hopeless in his race against Bob Casey. They just published a new poll yesterday, and statewide, the poll had him down by 18 points, with a whopping 67 percent of voters saying they've made up their minds. Blessed with an opponent like Santorum, Casey does not need the additional blessing of Barbara Boxer's dollars.

To cast your vote, you do need to give Barbara Boxer your email address, but you can opt out of the email list. So, for the sake of Missouri and the Senate, please go here and cast your vote for Claire McCaskill.


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