Monday, July 24, 2006

Two Interesting Blogs By Lawyers

Last week, I stumbled across two extremely different blogs, both done by lawyers.

The first one is written by a young lawyer I met about a year ago. Jason Kander is the co-founder and past president of Heartland Democrats of America, but this blog is about the experiences he is going though as a member of our military intelligence. His post on Saturday captures his approach - to start off a rant about the military procurement policies that send our soldiers to Iraq with inadequate body armor, he writes
The military budgeting process kills me. Yesterday morning I sat through a two hour medical inprocess brief at the base hospital. It included a half hour briefing from the "Health and Wellness Center." Clearly an air force thing. This guy told us about all these free services being offered to air force personnel here on base, thanks to the U.S. taxpayer. They actually have a class called, "Chill and relax." Apparently, they give you tools for managing stress in the class, but the majority of the class consists of you sitting in a room for an hour with aroma therapy candles lit, lights off, music playing, in a vibrating chair. Seriously. And then the guy says this: "I know what you're thinking, this is like those chairs they let you try out in the mall. No we spent some serious money on this and got the top of the line. You really oughta do this class." I sware I'm not making this up.
Jason is a super-smart, clear-thinking young man whose blog is something to look forward to - add it to your blogrolls!

For something totally different, visit The Marx Filings, which is a blog about the course of some trademark litigation. Intellectual property is a fascinating and important topic, and I want to do a long post about copyright one of these days. The Marx Filings, though, is simply the blog of somebody trying to defend her trademarks against those who are abusing the system and civil procedure to make her life miserable. Blogroll it and cheer for Terri against the forces of evil!


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