Sunday, July 23, 2006

Higher Power on the Air

Alert readers know that I'm 1000% pimping Higher Power, the brilliant, New York-bound play written by a kid I'm pretty fond of, directed by a young man I admire, and acted by 3 NYU students from around the country who are scary talented. If you do nothing else this coming weekend, or for the rest of this summer, get off your blog-reading butt and go see Higher Power as part of the KC Fringe Festival. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be your only opportunities to see this play live in Kansas City, so just do it.

If you're one of those people who needs a multi-media blitz to be convinced, dial up 90.1 on your FM dial at 6:00 Monday evening, and listen to the author. Or listen to 89.3 at the right times this week, and you might hear the entire cast peddling the product.

You know, if Tony throws a link my way for this shameless pimping, it could help launch the careers of the author, director, actress and actors . . .


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