Friday, June 09, 2006

Jim Talent - Shamelessly Exploiting Our Troops

I tend to be fairly cynical about Jim Talent - I think he's a weak, pampered lapdog of the St. Louis wealthy republicans. Once that is understood, he is fairly predictable, though - he's going to support anti-middle class tax breaks for dead millionaires, he's going to vote for pro-business judges, and he's going to vacillate on stem cell research, depending on who is writing the check.

Even I was honestly surprised, though, to receive an email from him yesterday afternoon, crowing about the death of Al-Zarqawi, as if he had anything to do with it. Obviously, he thought it vital that he get his remarks out there immediately, so that Missourian's voters might somehow associate his spineless self with the strength and competence of America's fighting forces. For him to rush out a newsletter on the day we learned of this victory, putting his (my advisor and muse tells me that I can't call him a puffy-lipped sissy anymore, because that makes me sound anti-gay) smiling face at the top of the news is a new low for crass exploitation of the troops.

Jimmy, it was utterly classless of you to inject your face into my email box to try to claim some reflected glory off the work of our troops. It shows, again, just how far out of touch you are with Missouri.


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